How Would You Choose Your Dental Implant Course as a Beginner?


Why Dental Implant course?

Aren’t many people suffering from tooth loss these days? To replace these damaged or missing expert Dentists now a days suggest dental implants instead of the techniques like Teeth Bridge and Dentures. The teeth through such dental implants exactly look like original teeth. But not many dentists have been trained in Dental Implant or Computer Guided Surgery. Normally threw Traditional approaches, Dentists has to do adjustment to adjuster’s teeth still patient will not feel next to the natural whereas on counterpart Dental Implants treats only empty space without touch of adjuster Teeth.




How Computer-guided surgery would benefit you in your Dental Career?

Guided surgery software allows you to visualize the clear picture of the patient’s jawbone and the nearby tissues. This let you decide the correct approach of treatment. The Method of Computer Guided Surgery allows the surgeons to know the exact location of dynamic structures including nerves, tooth roots, bone and sinuses. This Treatment leads towards more accuracy and is less disturbing to the patient than the traditional approaches.


Are you looking at getting trained?

If yes, then SNS Dental is the perfect place for you. At SNS Dental, you can get yourself trained in Computer Guided Surgical Placement of Single Implants Course. The training in Computer Guided surgery would lead you towards a better technology driven future.

The Stars & Stripes Dental Education Academy and research center provides computer-guided Dental Implant courses for dental practitioners. It is team of Women Dental Implant surgeons who create awareness on dental care by training and research.


Key Benefits on getting trained with SNS

  • The training in Single Implant Course is available: online as well as onsite at the Ahmedabad branch.
  • Get trained by highly experienced doctors.
  • Get after training guidance and mentorship from our expert doctors for your first implant.


Know about our Trainer:

Dr. Sayma Memon

She is diplomate from American board of periodontology, Houston, USA. She did her bachelors of dental surgery from Ahmedabad. She is specialist in treatment of periodontal (gum) disease and dental implants. Dr. Memon has unique combination clinical skills, strong research and academic background. Dr. Sayma is having 10+ years of experience & has successfully operated 1000s of implants. There are only 2 American diplomats in India & she is one of them. She has experience in treatment of extraction with socket preservation, bone graft, sinus lift surgery and placement of dental implant.She takes Implants courses every year even in the USA. Dr. Memon has achieved the award of America’s Top Dentist 2012 and 2015

Know more about the Computer Guided Surgical Placement of Single Implants Course.

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