8 Things You Should Know as a Beginner in Implantology!


1. Know more about Implantology:

There are so many non-experience dentists putting implants randomly without knowing much about Implantology. They should go through the proper protocol and get trained before jumping into it. You need to learn & understand it better if you want to achieve long-term success.


2. Choose your Mentor or Courses properly:

It is very important that who is going to train you Implantology. Your mentor plays a crucial role in your course. There are so many young dentists, who learning dental implant courses from the trainers without much experience, but at SNS Dental, we make sure that the training of implantology gets done by only experienced Doctors. Dr. Sayma is having 10+ years of experience & has successfully operated 1000 implants. She is Diplomate, American Board of Periodontology, Master of Science in Dentistry, Houston, USA.


3. Make sure to do proper Workout right before placing implant:

Placing implant is an effortless process even every trained dentist can do it. The only concern is to check proper bone height, width, quality, conditions, inter arch distance, overall dental hygiene etc.

You can even draw implants on paper before starting it. All necessary equipment and material should be at your hand like Bone grafts, membranes, expanders, condensers, and etc., you should arrange it all before the surgery.




4. Do it with good Team:

You should Call any periodontist if you want fewer procedures to be joint and give better results. A group of interested people can do work together. You all can do treatment planning and they can help you with placement. Teamwork always gives you wonderful knowledge and confidence.


5. Do not hurry While giving an estimate to the patient:

Always analyze your case with history and all other necessary examinations and reports. You should discuss with your lab before proceeding. You should not give an estimate without knowing much and don’t be in a hurry, take your time to analyze and plan everything.


6. Don’t Let your patient take a decision in any steps of Implantology:

Sometimes your patient will request you for immediate placement or less number of implants etc. but don’t let them be conclusive. Always take decisions only on your planning even if they are in a hurry, let them tell you but be firm on your Decision.


7. Always Do Implant after CBCT:

Always make habits of CBCT before placing implants. If there is no CBCT Centre in your city, then make sure to go for OPG and place implant where you planned.


8. COST:

Don’t do implantology without analyzing your cost. Firstly, if you want to learn place a few implants at less profit than do it but after a few cases, analyze what all your expenditures and then charge accordingly with profits.

So now you know all the things to consider if you are a beginner in implantology. If you want to know more about this. Please contact SNS Dental at 8980623275 or mail us: info@starsnstripesdental.com


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